[Rodrigo Gonzalez Jacob ]



Rodrigo Gonzalez Jacob is a graduate of fundamental conducting training in Argentina under the guidance of Maestro Mario Benzecry, a former assistant with the New York Philharmonic (disciple of Leonard Bernstein and Pierre Boulez). Rodrigo is fluent in English and proficient in Spanish (native), Italian, Portuguese, and basic German. 

With nearly 15 years of service, Rodrigo's extensive experience is endorsed by educators and artists in Argentina, Brazil, Europe, and the United States, with recommendation letters available to attest to his work. 


Rodrigo's career spans 20 years in South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil. In the academic realm, he achieved significant milestones, founding the Camerata UNA in 2008 and the UNA Academic Symphonic Orchestra in 2015 at the Argentine National University of Arts, (former National Conservatory of Music). Rodrigo pioneered programs that left a lasting impact, garnering substantial interest and support from musicians and institutions in Europe and the United States.

Leading prestigious international music festivals, Rodrigo received invitations to conduct the International Festival of the Youth Orchestras of the Americas - Argentina Edition (2016) and the International ISLA VERDE BRONCES festival for five consecutive years. In the context of his online conducting courses, he instructed over 200 professional conductors from various parts of Latin America, with official mandatory graded seminars attracting attention from renowned figures such as Benjamin Zander in 2021.


He serves as assistant and cover conductor of the University of Oregon Symphony, conducts the University of Oregon Campus Orchestra, and teaches orchestral conducting courses at the undergraduate level.

Outside of school, Rodrigo seamlessly integrated into the music scene, collaborating with all professional ensembles in the region. He was appointed as Assistant Conductor/fellow conductor (or served as cover conductor) of the Oregon Symphony, Eugene Symphony, Oregon Mozart Players, Eugene Ballet-Orchestra Next, and Eugene Opera. Additionally, he served as a Guest Conductor for the production of the Nutcracker ballet (2023) with Eugene Ballet, the Anchorage Concert Association, and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. Rodrigo was also appointed as instructor conductor of the Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestra and Eugene-Springfield Community Orchestra, working with musicians across the full spectrum from youth to professional ensembles, similar to his experience in Argentina.

Some references from other colleagues

Maestro Jooyong (International orchestra conductor and university conducting teacher / RICE UNIVERSITY): When on the podium, he commands the respect of both his musicians and his audience,engaging their trust with his clarity and inspiring them with his musicality. I consider Mr. Jacob to be without question one of the most gifted young conductors in Argentina. 

Berhard Scully (Canadian Brass Former Soloist / Teacher at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ): It has been a true pleasure to get to know Rodrigo and to be able to call him my friend. He is a musician of the highestorder, possessing a keen sense of phrasing, and overall musicality in his conducting. He is an especially kind person who possesses a keen intellect with an engaging demeaner. His conducting technique is excellent. He commands the stage well both in terms of his connection with the players and his connection with the audience. He has great musical instincts and especially has a wonderful sense of musical curiosity. I have often thought of him as a true musical revolutionary

William Westney (Pianist, Pedagogy and School of Music, Texas Tech University): He kept the standards high ​ , wasn’t so easy to please; they had to concentrate and do their best with some rather challenging music ​ ; yet they always felt encouraged and, in the end, did really well. In addition, I observed his remarkably graceful physical style of conducting ​ – a pleasure to watch. Naturally balletic and at the same time clear and precise.